Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering – Make an informed choice

If the land beneath and the sky above hold no interest for you, and if, instead, you dream of discovering the secrets of the waters below, maritime engineering might be the correct option for you. Maritime engineering is the...

JEE 2020 Preparation tips for repeaters

JEE 2020 Prep Guide for Droppers and Repeaters

The strategy and study plan for students repeating or dropping for JEE 2020 is very different from students who are preparing for the exam for the first time. The biggest reason for this is the fact that students repeating...

JEE Advanced 2019 Preparation

7 things to do a night before JEE Advanced 2019

Studying for JEE Advanced can be daunting and challenging sometimes. So much to prepare, so little time. With more and more candidates joining the race of being at the top, the task of clearing JEE Advanced 2019 has become...

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