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Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering – Make an informed choice

If the land beneath and the sky above hold no interest for you, and if, instead, you dream of discovering the secrets of the waters below, maritime engineering might be the correct option for you. Maritime engineering is the...

Online Courses for Board Exams

How Online Courses help in Board Exam Preparation?

Appearing for the CBSE board examinations is one of the most anxious moments that students experience in their lives. It requires a routinely planned year to be spent under loads of study materials, searching for appropriate solutions, and guidance....

Mathematics tips

Become a mathemagician with these math tips

Mathematics - Already feeling the cold sweats approaching, aren’t you? Maths has been known to give even the geekiest of kids nightmares, especially during exams. However, just like every Indian teenager, Maths is just misunderstood for the most part....

Visual Learning or Traditional Learning

Can Visual Learning Replace Traditional Learning Methods?

Visual Learning or Spatial learning refers to the style of education involving more interactive teaching aids like pictures, graphs, charts, and even tutorial videos.  These have a clear advantage over the traditional methods of imparting education. Studies have shown...

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